Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Re-elected! Amen!

I was just listening to the Political Junkie on TOTN (NPR) and Ken Rudin was playing a litany of spots from conservative pundits and the emphasis was on just how "Liberal" the President's speech was. As if that were something bad. You know, I'm tired of that. I'm a liberal and quite proud of it. Liberals have made this country great while conservatives have contributed nothing at all. Their record speaks for itself. And this President has bent over backwards to appease the rightwingnuts for the last four years. It has not worked. So yes, it's time to be a liberal and to move the country forward.

I left the democratic party because they were not liberal enough and I'm not sure that I can ever return. being an independent has a nice sound when stated. I don't belong to a political party...I'm independent.

Still listening to the radio, I got to hear Hillary Clinton blast some he deserved. I think it was Rand Paul. And then the old fool, McCain declared that she hadn't answered the questions to his 'satisfaction'. He will never be satisfied. He doesn't want to be satisfied. He can't get over the fact that a black man beat him in the race for President. He is a racist and AZ suits him fine. He really needs to retire...or wait? What if he did retire, would the wingnuts in Arizona elect Joe Arpaio to take his place? Perish the thought! My sister lives there and being the great liberal that she is, she finds it hard to stomach some of the idiocy that takes place in the AZ capital. I try to support her when I can by letting her know that is not alone...


  1. I felt like Obama's speech wasn't really liberal or conservative-- it was the way life should be lived where we respect each other, where we deal with the environment, where we try to help our brothers. Sounds more Christian than most of what i hear from the radical right who claim the religion but don't follow it. And I felt Hillary stood her ground. Maybe she'll be president next. I'd be fine with that.

    1. I have replied but on the wrong line...oops.

  2. I think Hillary was far more patient than she should have been. That committee deserved a scolding. The questioning called their own 'intelligence' into question.

    The wingnuts version of 'Religion' must embarrass God. I know it embarrasses me...