Thursday, February 13, 2014

Your Show of Shows

Saturday night with Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca. I watched this show regularly along with everyone else in the family. I wasn't quite a teenager at the time, though I was one when the show went off the air in 1954.

Imagine 90 minutes of laughs. All on live television! Sid, Imogene and the cast were simply genius! Even now; how many years later? Yes, 60 years has gone by and I still laugh just thinking about some of their skits. Most of the skits. All of the skits! Can you think of anyone alive today that would even consider doing 90 minutes of live comedy before a television audience of millions?

I wish that there were more shows like this available. The Bachelor? You must be kidding! The Biggest Loser? Not even close! I really miss the comedy and there is no show on TV that comes close to the Show of Shows. Saturday night TV is simply boring. Thank goodness for our Amazon account. We're just into the third season of Downton Abbey followed by an hour of Foyle's War. Amazon plus the DVR saves the day...


  1. In 1961 Newton Minnow, then chairman of the FCC, described television as the "vast wasteland". I wonder what he would say now.

    1. Minnow was deadly accurate then and the wasteland has become larger and larger ad infinitum.

      We watch the news and then Jeopardy. After that it's on to Amazon Prime video for the majority of our viewing. We're trying to catch up on Downton Abbey and I enjoy Foyle's War. And Dr. Who...

      Cable service is terrible here (Comcast) so we are using Direct TV for awhile. Experience tells us that they will become greedy and when our contract expires we will move back to Dish...for 2 years and then back again to Direct for their 'come back deals'. Crazy!