Friday, April 17, 2015

Vertical swimming

Friday has come and it's on its way out. And Fridays mean time in the pool for me. I am certain that I am an imposing figure as I stand close to the edge; flotation belt securely fastened around my middle, webbed gloves for more 'traction' in the water, headphones with my Sansa Clip holding all my music securely fastened to the headphones with rubber bands and a hat crammed down securely over the headphones so that my music doesn't get wet. I'm ready for 30 minutes of 'deep water aqua jogging', or vertical swimming as I call it.

Back and forth for the length of the pool. Over and over. I couldn't do this if I didn't have my music to cut through the tedium of it all. I have the music set to play randomly and that adds some minor excitement as Santana plays a set followed by Charlotte Church followed by Little Richard followed by Randy get the picture.

And of course my mind wanders for the 30 minutes of boring exercise. I think there's something to be said for the 'wandering mind'. Being old, 74, I get to dredge up all sorts of long term memories. Short term, not so much. So for 30 minutes I get to wander through the memories of my teens, the twenties and thirties, the workplace and memories of watching my children grow. Yes, my wife is included in these memories; that goes without saying. I certainly didn't raise three wonderful children by myself. I also spend some time solving the worlds problems. But, important as that is, it's not as much fun.

I started the day without my usual cup of coffee as it was time for the 6 month checkup and I had to go to the lab for the blood draw. It's a 'fasting' blood sample that's needed so no coffee till that was done. I was lucky, it was 6:30 and I was first in line and first out, heading home for the needed cup.

I will be seeing my PA next week and I want to be sure I tell him about all the the health items that concern me. I'm writing them down and will email the list to him. Hopefully, he will have time to read it before I show up. The only hard part of this plan is the fact that I don't always remember what those items were. I have a feeling that 'memory problems' will be top of the list. Followed by neuropathy, balance, memory problems and how much longer do I have to take Neurontin?

I said memory problems twice because I just took a look at my previous posts and I have been repeating myself at an alarming rate. Sorry about that...

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