Wednesday, September 16, 2015


A light rain is falling. Something we really need! I hope this small storm is a precursor to the events of the coming winter.

I'm also enjoying a pain free day. First one in a long time. But I am a fatalist. This is all temporary. The pain will return soon; I'm usually right. I saw my pain doctor last week and she wants to use epidural injections on the vertebra above my fused ones. Unfortunately, I have a Spinal Cord Stimulator implanted into my back, on the left side. The cable from it runs up along my spine until it ducks in closer to the spine and then delivers programmed bursts of electricity to a specific nerve. Very low current. Anyway, this device is in the way of her work. We both want the device out; me, because it never has worked.

Now I'm waiting for a response from the surgeon that she has referred me. It's the same one that put it in and I like the guy. I just hope it can happen soon. Now that I'm 75 years old, I want as many pain free days as possible. And when the battery and the cable are gone I can have MRI's once again. All diagnostics have been with a CAT scan. That's a lot of radiation and the images are not as detailed as the ones you get with an MRI. Besides, I like all the weird noises you hear in the tube!

There is a 'debate' on television tonight. It's not really a debate; it's ten or eleven candidates loudly insulting one another and lying in public. Trolling for dollars! I can safely bet $100 that nothing of substance will be 'debated'.

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