Friday, December 4, 2015

Good news

I had an endoscopy and a biopsy of the tissue involved in my Barrette's Syndrome, all on the day before Thanksgiving, and I received the results a few minute ago; all is well. That's two years in a row so I will be taken off the 'once a year endoscopy' list and will just have to see the doctor in his office. I also have to take Prilosec from now until? Let's just say forever. Just another drug in the arsenal I take.

I had a great day yesterday, with little pain, and I only needed two Norco. Today started out differently and I needed pain relief just a few minutes after having the first cup of coffee. I'm still painting, I just come in and sit for awhile after I feel the nerves complaining. Which I'm doing right now. I'm sitting at the kitchen table with my laptop handy while I read the latest copy of ArtNews. I read a lot of the current art magazines; ArtNews, American Art Collector, American Artist and one other, whose name escapes me. That's all well and good, but, they cover the modern art scene, from New York to Los Angeles and Miami and Santa Fe and the Arab Emirates and Berlin and...nowhere near where I live. The type of art they feature is almost exclusively Abstract and all the various offshoots from that description; Abstract. That's the kind of art I love; the art that moves me. Unfortunately, there are very few abstract artists in Butte County. Part of that problem lies in the fact that this county is 'Red' and I've never met a Republican abstract artist.

I'm starting to fall asleep as I type; a side effect of MS Contin. It's time for me to get and go back to my paintings....I just wondered, where would I put this new painting? I started painting seriously about five years ago and I've accumulated a lot of paintings in that time. Some are good and most are not. I have plans to cover the bad ones with gesso and start anew. But, what I should do is what John Baldessari did when faced with an overflow of paintings that he deemed to be trash. He hired a crematorium for the time needed to dispose of his painting by reducing them to ashes. He invited his friends and I understand that they had a wake right there, champagne included. I don't have that kind of spare cash so I might have to just send them off to the dump, and without ceremony.

The lack of space for my paintings really is a problem. I'm going to rearrange the five paintings that are on the living room wall that has the most space. I'm going to try and put fifteen paintings, of varied size, in that same space. With careful planning and design I think it can be done. I've seen it before! All the other rooms, including the bathrooms and laundry room, are filled with art.

Gotta go...

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