Thursday, February 11, 2016

Are you kidding me?

In my last posting I complained at the end that my memory was failing due to to the drugs I have been taking. Did I remember that fact? No, I read it on my blog.

I had a great day on Tuesday. I went over the exhibit at the art center with the director, making sure that I was happy with the exhibit. He loved one of my smaller pieces ($100) and said that he would buy it right then if he wasn't an employee. Then he pointed to a larger picture ($600) and said he would buy that one as well...but he can't. He used 32 of my paintings and would have used them all if he had more wall space. I was thrilled. And the pieces looked so good under the professional lighting.

This morning I was having coffee with my daughter and my wife. My daughter mentioned that the childhood home of Jackson Pollock was for sale. What? I didn't even know that he had ever lived here. The house is quite old, built in 1903, but is very well kept. And they only want $9,000,000 for it. Did I mention that comes with a 17 acre almond orchard. Still, that is expensive for an orchard.

Now that I knew that Pollock had once lived here, I knew that I must be 'channeling' him and perhaps I had driven by the house when I painted this one. It's 24"x24" and painted with acrylics on a birch panel. And I want $220 for it. That's a steal!

After coffee it was time for me to visit my nephrologist. Nephrology, or care of the kidneys became an issue about 2 years ago and a nephrologist was recommended for me. Great doctor and we got along right from the beginning. First thing he said was 'drink more water!' 3 visits later and my lab work told him that I would no longer need to see him. That's good! I've been gathering up physicians of every specialty...or so it seemed. And his advise had worked; drinking more water was the primary reason for the change. It seems that elders stop drinking a lot of water as they age. That stresses the kidneys and in turn all the of the other systems. The road leading up to a cardiac event may have had its beginnings in a drop in water consumption. Drink more water! Keep a water bottle with you at all times.

Was I talking about memory recently? Maybe...either way mine is shot. And I'm hoping this is due to a temporary increase in pain meds. I may have to trade memory for pain. Okay; I want my memory back and I'm willing to have some pain for it.

Clumsiness is back as well and once again I'm hoping it is caused by the pain meds. I haven't fallen yet. I have a suspicion, a slight one, that my neurologist may be on the right track. He had looked at a CAT scan of my brain from 4 or 5 years ago and saw what could be symptoms of Normal Pressure Hydrocephaly. He wants an MRI brain scan (March 6th) so he can see the area of suspicion in better detail. The NPH could easily be the cause for the memory problems and the clumsiness...or not. We will see.

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