Friday, November 11, 2016

I didn't vote for him

And I mean Bernie. When I first heard of his decision to run, I was excited. I've always liked him and I believed in 75% of his platform. Heck, make it 90%. Some time went by and when Trump became the candidate I had to change my mind. I started to see small cracks in that platform and ones that Trump would easily exploit. There was only one word needed to do it...socialism. Heck, I am a socialist. Though I do not belong to the party. I don't belong to any party and haven't for the past 11 years. I do belong to one organization, the IWW. Yes, I'm a Wobbly. Or is it with an IE? Wobblie? I'm old and I forget. It doesn't matter.

Trump would put Bernie through a wringer and it wouldn't be pretty. Sure that's just an opinion. But it is what changed my vote. I thought Hillary had a better chance of handling him and when it came to the debates, she mopped the floor with him! I didn't realize that the debates made no difference to the Trump base. They don't watch debates.

Since my vote was wasted anyway, would it have been better to waste it on Bernie? I don't know...

I did read an interesting piece this morning. If the dumpf goes through with his plan to find all the Muslims in the country and register them, then I will register myself. Apparently, muslim without a capital M simply means a believer in God. Mathew, Mark, Luke and John were muslims. So was Jesus. There's no reason for me not to register as a muslim. I even have a Koran at home. (I'm about halfway through it and haven't found any terrorists yet) I'm also a Presbyterian muslim. Now if millions of us muslims will register, the registry will become bloated and useless. Let the dumpf chew on that for awhile.


  1. They watched the debates but they saw it differently than you.

    I don't think Trump has any plan to register all Muslims. I also know he didn't say he would never let Muslims into this country. The panic and rage that is filling the left is not flattering to its depth or ability to do what is right for the country.

    Bernie had a better chance to win because he also promised change. Many who voted for Obama also voted for Trump because Obama promised change. Hillary promised more of the same old and worse, had a history leading right into the primaries of cheating and lying. I voted for her but did it holding my nose as how can a woman as unethical as that not let us down? She owed so much money to the financial interests that her choices were already made. Bernie didn't owe it to them. He owed to people like my husband and I who donated to him.

  2. You say you don't think he any plans to register Muslims. The man is a sociopath. Telling the truth is next to impossible for him. And no, I will not give him the benefit of the doubt. He has already proven himself unfit for the Presidency.

  3. You do know that hate only hurts you.

    I followed the links on 'the register all Muslims' and it tells more accurately what he said and is likely to do. If someone watches MSNBC or CNN, they will stay enraged for awhile. I don't consider that healthy but it's good for their ratings, I guess.

    As far a sociopaths... it was a choice of which one you want. She said to private groups that she'd not say the same thing in public. People had no idea what they'd get with her. I think Bernie could have beat him because he wasn't unethical. He got cheated on multiple levels and yet he still worked to get her in-- just as I had to vote for her based on issues. I do not believe Donald is mentally ill anymore than she is. They have huge egos and do what they have to do to win-- cheating is fair game and she proved that about her during the primaries.

    The main thing now is that people who are in the hate or fear mode are only hurting themselves. Letting things go and waiting until something actually happens is a lot healthier. Then write letters, work for a strong democratic candidate-- maybe like Robert Reich said, try to get the DNC to stop being so crooked and bought by the moneyed interests. To react emotionally right now is not going to be good for the country or the person. A lot will be grieving and that at least is healthier than fear or rage.

  4. I have anger. Righteous anger. Not hate, as hate leads nowhere while anger motivates. I have never watched MSNBC or CNN. Nor have I watched Fox, CBS, ABC or NBC news. I get my news from the NY and LA Times, plus the Economist, Mother Jones and the New Yorker. Sometimes the Christian Science Monitor and Rolling Stone (Love Matt Taibbi.) I do watch PBS news occasionally. On any news show I switch it off the minute they begin to talk over one another. (Didn't their mothers teach them to be polite?)

    As I said originally, I intend to follow the advice of Charles Blow. We're never going to agree as to the stability of Mr. Trump. He has told enough lies and them denied them 30 minutes later to be a pathological liar. He has exhibited more than enough evidence to be labeled a sociopath. I doubt that I will change your mind.

    If there had been a third party on the ticket, a Socialist party, and Bernie had been the candidate, he would have earned my vote. He's not a Democrat. He is a Socialist and that is where he was going to lose. You can't win over a Trump voter by declaring yourself a social Democrat or whatever he called himself. Those voters fear socialists as much they did, or do, those dirty, rotten commies!

  5. Too bad the NYTimes went to a totally biased coverage of the two candidates. I don't think they helped Hillary with what they said. It was fine they do the negative coverage of him but should have told the story of her also. Let people judge for themselves but they didn't trust the people and thought they could make happen what they wanted. Now they had to apologize. Truthfully, most Trump voters never read it anyway. The LA Times is less biased or has seemed that way but I won't trust mainstream media again-- right or left. Too many times I saw the headline, read the story and they didn't match. The headline was geared to enrage or mislead.

    Bernie had every right to run as a Democrat. He caucuses with them. Americans don't appear to go for third parties, whatever they are called. This country is actually divided in thirds-- 1/3 leftie; 1/3 rightie; and 1/3 in between and swinging either way. It was only that 1/3 that was ever open to changing their minds. Extreme righties and lefties always vote for their side.

    Anyway, if anger works for your health, that's your choice. Never did anything for mine and I try to see what it is, like it or not, and let go what I can't control-- and this is all out of our control for awhile-- much as some rioters might wish to believe otherwise.