Wednesday, February 22, 2017

No thanks

I just got back from the doctor and now I'm convinced that growing old has no real benefits. Yes, you do see more beautiful sunsets. And there are the grandchildren. But they grow older and move on with their lives; marry and have great-grandchildren. And have less time for you. Most of the friends are gone as well. Your closest friend, next to your wife, is your doctor. I'm not being bitter, just realistic. There will be a sunset tonight and I'm counting on  a sunrise tomorrow.

I try to avoid joining organizations. When you join a club or group, the mantle of that organization falls upon your shoulder and you become known by it. Did they do something questionable in 1974? That becomes part of your own history and you may have to explain away your involvement. I find it simpler to just avoid joining. I do belong to a church and I have belonged to the ACLU for about 15 years. I have never been embarrassed by either one of them. Well, I'm a little disappointed in the church. We recently sought a new pastor and the search committee came up with a capable minister; a young man with a wife that is an MD and they haves 3 children. He fits the demographics of this very white community quite well. But I was hoping, I was praying for a black woman as our new pastor. Oh, well...maybe next time.


  1. Old age is interesting and I find myself doing less of the things I used to do and not replacing them with something new. I wrote a blog for another site I write about connections. I see the importance of them but have few right now as politically I don't have a side :(. I don't believe in religion but definitely see the value for those who can as they provide a warm connection-- unless you speak against the system in place ;). I am trying to decide if there are things I can do to improve my connection situation but I am not a joiner. FB is pretty much the only place I talk to anyone other than my husband or a mailman ;).

  2. Like you, I really do find old age interesting. I think I posted something to that effect once. But today it wasn't interesting. I limped out of the doctor's office this morning with a 2 hands filled with samples and 3 prescriptions. Plus, a return trip appointment in two weeks. And I was told to contact my neurosurgeon for an appointment there. And a request for a CAT scan of my neck.
    As far as joining goes, I forgot to mention that I'm part of a group of painters that meet weekly. We even have a catchy name for our group of eight; The Tuesday Painters.