Monday, April 3, 2017

Some tweets

It's really embarrassing. Trump Tweets constantly. Twitter, of course, is happy about this as it  keeps the company alive. People who would never dream of composing a Tweet are signed up just for the opportunity to see his Tweets first hand.

I'm a long time Twitter user though I can say that I have never Tweeted as much as I do now. I know that Trump never sees my Tweets but I love to send them because it relieves tension...for me. Of course I have a dream that one day one of his aides will slip up and my Tweet will end up in the pile of positive Tweets that he is allowed to see. Unfortunately, that aide will be fired.

The reason for my embarrassment is this; those Tweets are seen by millions of people, potentially and quite plausibly, billions will read them. And his gaffes are the cause of much hilarity the world over. The USA looks foolish and that makes me embarrassed. Sad.


  1. Obama had a twitter account but not sure how much he used it. It's a fairly new technology. I read that when Roosevelt used the radio and Lincoln the wires, it was also criticized. The goal is to beyond the media. Trump though uses it loosely and for things that shouldn't matter, which is more the concern than that he uses it. I have a twitter account too but don't use it for politics at all.

    1. I don't use mine for politics either. I use it for medicinal purposes only; stress relief.