Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Three (3) Count Em’

I just heard the other day that the inhabitants of the Planet Orland will be getting a new pharmacy in town. How very cool! Yes, I can see where we desperately need another pharmacy in a town that has one (1) grocery store and two (2) existing pharmacies.

Yes, Walgreens has decided to join the battle for our drug dollars. Why is that? Because due to inflated drug prices and a government that allows such inflationary pricing for Medicare, drugs are the biggest game in town. Did anyone else notice how Walgreens, CVS and others have set up shop any place they can? Department stores, restaurants and others are closing their doors, but drugstores/pharmacies are a growth industry.

The inflationary pricing? Courtesy of the last administration. Can you say 'doughnut hole'?

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