Saturday, February 6, 2010


Thoughts I had while taking a shower; Sarah Palin. For the past year she has taken a comedic role in my thoughts. She was funny! And she constantly said and did funny things. I mean, two or three times a week. Recently we got to read her email from when she was a part-time governor, about 3,000 messages, and they were also funny. Except for the parts where it was obvious that the 'First Dude' was taking on the role of governor without the benefit of an election. But now she is evil. No longer funny. If she stands on a stage this weekend with the fascists of the tea baggers, she has become evil simply by association. You would think that she would know better…wait, what was I thinking?

And I thought about the fact that the latest and most bought and paid for Supreme Court has once more decided that corporations are people. It was a huge stretch of the imagination to decide that many years ago and the stretch has not become any easier, but they did it! I mean, you really have to turn your brain off if you want to think that a corporation is a person and with the rights of a person when the correct view, the intelligent view, is that corporations don't have rights all…they have obligations. Duh! Think about it; is there one corporation, one only, that you can call a friend? Would you ask a corporation for advice? Never mind, I quit…it's all too obvious where those five justices get their pay.

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