Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Reasonable Suspicion? Oh, yeah, right…

Arizona passes strict illegal immigration act

The bill directs police to determine the immigration status of noncriminals if there is a 'reasonable suspicion' they are undocumented. Immigrant rights groups say it amounts to a police state.


I suppose you might even agree with this law if…you believe that police would use 'reason'. All this does is give far too much power to the police who have too much power to begin with. This is an open invitation for abuse and a direct violation of the Constitution. And it's a direct assault against a specific group; Hispanics. You won't see any illegal Russian immigrants being asked to provide documents. Or Chinese. Or dozens of other nationalities. Arizona should be ashamed. And Arizonans scared. By the way, that 'noncriminal'? That's you and me.


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