Saturday, September 8, 2012

Time does go by

I was reading a favorite blog, Time Goes By, and Ronni Bennett was noting how aging affected her. That happens to be a favorite subject of mine as I'm reminded of my age every ten minutes, 18/7. I find it more difficult to get out of the chair or off of the couch. Not because I don't want to, but because my body refuses to spring into action and catapult me into an upright position. I watch myself as I try to find some leverage spot that will ease me upwards. And I can't help but compare what I see with what used to be. We go to a gym now in an effort to slow the aging process and that's where I'm faced with brutal reality. It's hard work! But we persevere and then I go to the pool to join a group of elders in an elders water fitness program. I want to hide. My once trim body (I was a sheetrocker! 6'2" and 180#) is now overweight (6'1" and 240#) and my belly is hanging over the edges of my swim trunks. I debated leaving my shirt on but since I would be the only one doing that, I decided to bare it all. Well, not ALL, but my stomach was going to be exposed. I joined the elders in the pool. Oh, my...they were all old. Really old! Was I 'old' as well? I try not to think about it. We do this three times a week for an hour each time and I think...that my bracelet is a little bit looser now. That's progress. And if it continues, I will be able to take the covers off of the mirrors at home.

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