Saturday, September 8, 2012


I've been fooling around with genealogy once more. It's fascinating and I will enjoy it for a month or so and then the 'facts' begin to inundate my poor brain. Then I have to stop for awhile; perhaps a year or so. Just long enough for my brain to recover.
I've always used Ancestry dot com for my research and the program has become easier than ever to use. A plus for me as I need all the help I can get. And speaking of help; I have found two relatives that are deep into genealogy and they have helped immensely. One is my second cousin, a relative I didn't know about until I began to explore, and the other is the wife of my wife's cousin. They are both wizards! Generous wizards.
Anyway, one of the relatives I found, died in an insane asylum in the 1800's. Terrible! And one of my relatives is Jane Seymour. Yes, that Jane Seymour; the mother of King Edward and a wife of Henry the VIII. She is my 12th Great Grand Aunt.and that's a long way back. Born in 1509 and died 1n 1537 from ?infection? following childbirth at the age of 28. She did give birth to a male heir (Edward) so if she had lived, she would have been the luckiest of Henry's wives. The others, if they did not produce a male child, were disposed of. In that day they did not know that it was the male that determined the sex of the baby.

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