Thursday, December 11, 2014


The main thrust of the storm is past us. The flooding almost got to us. I say almost but the water didn't even make it to the sandbags arrayed in front of the patio door. The field behind us turned into a lake and then spilled over into our yard. An indication that the developer and the city failed. The existing drains just aren't big enough for storm like this.

As much as we enjoy getting this rainfall, we are dismayed at the lack of snow in the Sierra's. I used the Cal Trans traffic cams to see what kind of snow we were having at Donner Pass (7,200') and saw rain washing away the little snow that was there. And all of the rain will end up in the American River which joins the Sacramento River and that flows out to the ocean through the Golden Gate. Gone.

Since there is very little to do except watch the rain falling, I've been exploring Pinterest. This could be habit forming if it hasn't already done just that. I have a Pinterest account and have various 'Boards' where I collect images and share them. Pretty much normal. Then I decided to see if there were any old pictures of Los Angeles for me to collect. I was astounded at the number and variety of photos available. Pick any subject at all and type it into the Search field and chances are you will find that someone has a collection of images for your subject.

As a former IT techie computer nerd type, I'm impressed by the number of servers it takes to store all of these images; data. And I'm impressed by the wonderful resource this data represents. Pinterest is international, so you can find just about anything via their search engine. Now add in Google Images and Microsoft Bing and the data available is simply staggering! I almost forgot Wikimedia and Flickr. You Tube and Tumblr. Plus hundreds of thousands of blogs. Is there any image we can't find?

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  1. Winter never came to St. George, Utah this season. We are the desert, but usually have a month or two of "jacket weather".
    I too, like all the images available on the internet. In fact, I use a lot of them in my blog, never knowing for sure if the pic is copywrited or not....ever once in a great while a pic I have chosen disappears leaving a little trace. oops. I just go find another one, and I always wonder who scans the blogs and yanks those not-permitted usages away. ??