Wednesday, December 17, 2014


I left the Democratic Party quite awhile ago because they weren't liberal enough for me. I've been an independent voter that usually had to vote for Democratic Party candidates as there weren't any other candidates that came close to my ideals. And when President Obama arrived on the political scene I was quite happy to give him my vote. Twice. I think he's one of the most honest and intelligent Presidents we have ever had. I hadn't agreed with him on many issues and he he hasn't acted on those things that would have set him apart from other Presidents. Until the last few weeks. His decision to free millions of undocumented citizens from  the threat of deportation was a master stroke. Republicans were apoplectic! And now the show stopper...a connection with Cuba! This idiotic and misguided attempt to force Cuba to our will was doomed to fail and we looked like fools in the eyes of the world. We fought a war in Vietnam and now they are a trading partner of ours. We fought China in the Korean war and half the stuff in our house came from there now that they are a favored  trading partner. How could we possibly feel threatened by Cuba? This economic blockade of Cuba, starting in 1960, should have been lifted 50 years ago. What was the sense of it? Here it is, 54 years later and Cuba is still there and so are the Castro brothers. In the meantime we lost all chances of winning over the citizens of Cuba. For what? Stupid pride?

Thank you President Obama. I'm not rejoining the Democratic Party because of this but I do feel a little less embarrassed at being an American.

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  1. I read elder blogs in the middle of night, when I've slept for several hours and am now awake, looking for Republicans. Where are they? Even my ex has turned towards socialism as he aged. I think it has to do with poverty? or fear of poverty? It seems to be an aging thing to me. Is it? Just amazed.