Saturday, February 11, 2006


Saturday morning and all is well…or very close to well. I’ve had my two cups of coffee and my brain seems to be functioning normally. A third cup would be nice, and it might even prod my brain into overdrive.

I have been busy blogging bits of news this morning and not doing much with my Journal. I should report that we’re going to drive up to Susanville later this morning and attend a birthday party for the twins. Yes, they’re three years old. And February is quite a birthday month; Kevin (40+) and Alicia (30+) are included, the twins (3), Laurae (30+)…anymore? That’s five that I know of, but I’m not the best one to ask; after all, I’m 60+.

Speaking of news…

Voodoo head found in air luggage
Saturday, February 11, 2006
“A woman is arrested after arriving from Haiti at a US airport with a human head in her luggage…”

Why? It’s not on the list of prohibited carry-on items.

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