Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Good News from Wall Street

Blue skies and the air temp is just right. I love the feel of the fresh air coming in the windows; drawn in by the fans. Summertime is the best! Even with the late day heat, it’s so much better than the dismal chill of winter. Lazy days? You bet!

After checking to see if my daughters/granddaughter had posted to their blogs (They didn’t – what’s up with that?) I decided to do some Stumbling this morning and I ran across this old internet classic that appeals to the older generation. Of which I am a member. And I agree with all of it!

And I have revisited a favorite blog of mine, A Daily Dose of Imagery, a photo blog. You have to check out all of his photos. Stunning. He has a new camera, a larger format one, but he writes that he still likes to use his Canon Rebel.

And in the news…

Economy Rebounds Smartly

Yesterday, July 27, 2007, 7:01:35 AM

Economy Springs Out of Rut and Grows at 3.4 Percent Pace, Best Showing in More Than a Year”

OK, sounds good, But, at the same time the DJIA fell over 600 points this week? How much good news can we take?

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