Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Local Scene

Well, that didn’t take long at all and that’s a bother. It looks like the month of July will soon be gone; less than 24 hours and it’s history, and that also means that we have less than three weeks left to enjoy downtown Chico before the students arrive once again.

I learned something about local demographics at dinner last night. With ten adults present and seven of them being ‘seniors’, the name of the movie, Sicko, came up. (It was part one of a two part answer to an NPR radio quiz…) among the ‘seniors’, Laurae and I were the only ones that had heard of the movie. Everyone else professed ignorance. And these are people that subscribe to the local newspaper. Huh? Please don’t let this happen to me!

More about the demographics… I’m pestered quite often by some of these same seniors to join them in a game of pinochle or bridge. I always to say no to that. So last night I volunteered that I would be glad to play a game of chess… silence.

And what would I read in the local paper if I were a subscriber? Not much. ‘Red’ counties, like Butte and Glenn, do not translate to mean ‘read’ counties.

Now speaking of papers. It looks like the Wall Street Journal will soon be available in your local supermarket; right next to the Star and the Enquirer. Apparently, Sir Rupert is about to close the deal to acquire the paper. Fox News and the Wall Street Journal. What a combo! And what a letdown!

Yeah, I'm feeling kind of 'culturally deprived' this morning. I'll get over it.

So how about this link to cheer up with? I love this kind of stuff!

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