Thursday, July 26, 2007

Not a Drop

Everything was just fine. The coffee was made and the cat had made her entrance. It was time for that second cup of coffee and that was when it all changed. I usually add a cup of water to the coffeemaker at this time and when I turned on the faucet…nothing! At all. Nada. And since we have a well and not a city water system, I will have to deal with it; I have no one to call and lodge a complaint. But, it’s early and too dark for me to do much at all, so I won’t. Ah! Coffee!

And the news… plus some sarcasm.

“The House Judiciary Committee voted along party lines to hold President Bush’s chief of staff and the former White House counsel in contempt of Congress.” Is it OK for me to be in contempt of Congress as well? Or have I said that wrong? After 6+ plus years of malfeasance in office and this is the best that Congress can do? That’s contemptible!

Pentagon Study Sees Threat in Guantánamo Detainees


“A new report is a rebuttal of assertions by detainee advocates that the American naval station at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, is filled with hapless innocents.”

Hey! I have an idea; let's hold public trials and then we can all see who’s right. And I think it’s an old American custom to do that anyway…or it was.

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