Friday, July 27, 2007


OK, mental health has been checked and found to be alright… for the moment. I can still do the daily Jigzone puzzle in less time than the average. On the physical side; good news! I went to the local blood drive yesterday and gave a pint. They had a ‘give a pint - get a pint’ reward for donors, giving us a Baskin Robbins certificate for a pint of ice cream. (Only 12 oz in California?) The ice cream was a nice touch, but my blood pressure, 120/64 was a most pleasant surprise! And a pulse of 64.

And speaking of cats as I was; the phlebotomist that was collecting my pint yesterday was the chatty type. I’m sure they are given instructions to keep the ‘customers’ engaged at all times; it helps to prevent fainting at the sight of that needle. Anyway, she mentioned that she had read a story about a cat that lives in a retirement home. This cat seems to have the ability to know when someone is going to die and comes to lay with them within just a few hours of their passing. Now that would be scary! To see the cat waiting at your front door? And I have to think of our own cat, Boo, who loves to lie upon me when I’m taking a nap. Should I be worried?

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