Thursday, July 26, 2007

Success, but now I'm wondering

The water supply problem has been solved for now. I checked the main panel and found the breakers were not tripped. Darn! So I went out and looked at the well head. Kicked a few pipes and twiddled some valves. Nothing.

So it was back to the garage and the holding tank. I knocked on the tank. (Echo…echo…echo) I looked all around for a reset button. Finally, I noticed a small box mounted on the wall nearby, with conduit leading into it. I opened it up and found a scary nest of wiring…but there were three old fashioned fuses lying on the bottom of the box. There must be a fuse holder in there as well; but where? With some careful prying apart of the wiring, I discovered a flexible rubber fuse holder and when I touched it, it flashed! Way scary! I removed that fuse and stuck in one the fuses I had found. That produced a ‘Click’ and I heard the tank beginning to fill again. Success. But now the question is, why?

On an entirely different subject; I am wondering if there are any plans for a Mira Costa class of 1958 reunion? I checked the Mira Costa website and found nothing useful. Google didn’t provide me any answers either. Too bad; 50 years is a suitable milestone for a class reunion and I would have gone. Sure, there’s still time, but it doesn’t look promising. And here’s a scary thought…what if there are only one or two of us left? Maybe that’s why there are no plans?


  1. Kitty5:36 PM

    Did you try this? Have to register

  2. was a nice site, even with the registration. No hassle., zero, nada, not even a teacher showed up on the list. I feel so lonely!