Sunday, July 15, 2007

Summertime Blues

I’m definitely feeling weird this morning. Physically weird. Mentally weird is normal for me. Nose is all stuffed up and my throat feels raw. Is it a summer cold or too much time in the pool? I have a feeling it’s the pool time that has me down. Or? Second thought; could it be allergies?

The good news from the pool is the fact that Steven and Abby made great progress yesterday, getting over some of their mental hurdles and now they’re on their way to swimming for fun.

I was just looking at the Web Zen site and rummaging through the “Paint By Numbers” section and found this memorable piece of data…

“Surveys in the 1950s confirmed that many Americans regarded abstract designs with suspicion, except for the patterns that embellished floor tile or Formica”

I have a feeling that you could take the same survey today and come up with the same results.

The Web Zen site deserves a thorough inspection…I found this by looking through the archives.

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