Sunday, July 29, 2007

What's fair?

And this bit of news… sounds right to me. I would especially like to see government agencies do this. Law enforcement and fireman. They have a far larger responsibility to stay in shape than most of us.

Workers are told to shape up or pay up
By Daniel Costello
“To hold down medical costs, some firms are penalizing workers who are overweight or don't meet health guidelines.”

But, to be fair…they need to be told of the guidelines when hired; not 6 months down the road. And just think; retirement would have a whole new meaning for us!


  1. Kitty9:27 AM

    So companies could refuse to hire someone that has had a stroke or maybe had a previous bout with Cancer? Could recur you know. Wouldn't want the company to have to insure someone that "doesn't meet health guidelines". Really? Who would decide what overweight was?

  2. Ya got me! I was looking at the little picture. And I wasn't putting much emphasis on 'health guidelines'.

    In my 'little' view, there would always be insurance.

  3. Kitty8:44 PM

    I don't have "got ya's" very often though! I agree that in some professions, there is a need to be in shape to perform. And I am also sure fat people are already discriminated against in hiring now. Our company already has 2 pricings for health insurance coverage. If you smoke you pay more. That seems fair as everyone knows that it will kill you.. Maybe if there was tiered pricing based on body fat there would be incentive to lose weight. I just hate the thought of companies getting to decide who gets insurance or keeps insurance based on their ideas of fat.

  4. Steven4:07 AM

    In my mind, which my initial post doesn't reflect...I was thinking of the grossly overweight Glenn Co. Sheriff's deputy that I have seen, plus a few others in law enforcement. I just don't think there is any excuse for it in a public safety job.

    The same holds true for the armed forces. A pet peeve of mine. Fat admirals...Bah!

    Of course, what I forgot to take into account for were the insurance companies. The company you work for can be good, bad or indifferent, but they are only the tail being wagged by the insurers, no matter what their intentions were...