Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Let it pour!

Temperature: 40.5°F | Humidity: 89% | Pressure: 29.99in (Steady) | Conditions: Light Rain | Wind Direction: SE | Wind Speed: 4.0mph | Forecast: Rain. Highs 45 to 52. Southeast winds 10 to 20 mph with local gusts to around 35 mph. 3:25 AM

Isn't this cozy? Wind and rain. OK, it's not much of a wind; yet. And the rain is only a mist; so far. But it's supposed to get downright wintry around here sometime today. And we will be cozy. Guaranteed.

I know our Christmas weather is sort of puny when compared to what's happening elsewhere. But that's alright; I've had plenty of the other kind of weather through the years, with snow and ice and more snow. Nice to look at when it's all over with! And I'll leave it at that…

Boo the Cat is in a winter mood this morning and has already taken to her bed on the bottom shelf of the small table here in the study. We only did one round of cat wrestling before she decided to hit the 'snooze button'.

I can report that we have all of our Christmas shopping done, But…we still have to make one more trip to the grocery store. We forgot to shop for the basics the last time we were in town and so we have to brave whatever crowds are present and get some milk and bread, etc, etc. That's it and then we're done. Oh, I think I'll buy a lottery ticket while we are there. Give myself a Christmas present…


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