Monday, December 29, 2008

A Money Maker

Here it is; another day that will never come around again. Make of it what you will. And so far it appears to be very much like the previous one. Meaning? I have no idea, I'm just warming up my typing fingers; both of them.

I did have a thought… we received our annual Christmas letter from Julia and Art and really enjoyed reading of their adventures during the past year. And then I thought about the fact that Christmas cards appear to be fading in popularity. A few more stray thoughts and I came up with this business plan; perhaps a new career!

You've heard of Life Coaches? Professionals who help you make the important decisions in life? Well, I'm thinking about Life Editors. Professionals who will help in presenting your daily life to the world in the manner that you deserve. The Life Editor could work with you all year long and then, sometime in November, present you with the complete Christmas Letter.

Now imagine yourself as that Life Editor and the owner of this exciting new business. Think of the possibilities! The prices could range from, let's say $200 for 50 copies of a two page, text only, letter, stamps and mailing service would be extra… to a coffee table book version with embedded music and stunning graphics for just $2,50o. Each. (Minimum order is 10)

With some imagination, it can only get better. A single, year end, consultation (30 minutes) would be included in the cost of the lowest priced publication (Additional consultations at $50 an hour). For the premier edition, you would direct your client throughout the year. Your client might call and ask, "Should we do the Darlington 500 NASCAR race in April?" Your response: "No. That's out. Absolutely!! I think a museum trip would be more in line with the image we are working toward." You meet the happy family at the museum, take a few pictures, record a few comments. Edit. See? It's easy!

And since it's my idea, I will take a small percentage for my creative genius…say 10%?



  1. Kitty6:17 AM

    We still get a copy of the Marilyn and Ted letter relaying the important information about their life the past year. Like how many times they raked the leaves in October. 10+ pages this year. An editor or Life Coach is really needed here. Lets see, they have a Christmas tree in each room, kissing balls (whatever that is) galore, a room for gnomes and beanie babies...and Ted is dying of Cancer. I don't understand why I keep reading the letter each year. It is like a train wreck that you cannot stop looking at.

  2. I knew there was need. And I think Marilyn and Ted would probably like the $2,500 version of the Christmas letter. The photo opportunities are simply fantastic! Page after page of Beanie Babies and Gnomes in full color and Marilyn narrating the whole thing.

    We might it even call it the 'Marilyn Edition'

  3. editors we might have to change 'cancer' to something a little less painful. Still serious of course; double pnuemonia?

    (Oh, I'm sick!)