Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Study says...

most corporations pay no U.S. income taxes | U.S. | Reuters

Yes, the article is a year old but the facts remain the same. Why on earth are we debating the cost of universal healthcare when a condition like this exists? Anyone? Anyone?


  1. The right loves to throw out the high corporate tax rate as "proof" that U.S. businesses are overtaxed and at a competitive disadvantage. Funny how they never add that when the accountants are through with all of the loopholes, corporations by and large don't pay any taxes at all.

  2. Whenever this subject comes up, I like to tell of the corporation I used to work for and how, by converting to a sub chapter S corporation, we no longer paid $6 million in taxes. Our CFO was quite proud of that, and rightfully so, he simply used the tax code to do it. And who do you think paid the $6 million now that we weren't?