Friday, February 19, 2010

And again…

Another thought about the tea party wacko's; They all complain of high taxes and an intrusive government. They complain that the economy turned bad on them and the government that they don't want intruding isn't doing enough to help them. What? Let's start with taxes and the fact the US of A is not a highly taxed nation. When it comes to tax rate by GDP, we are solidly in the middle and nowhere near being an over taxed nation. But no one likes facts. An intrusive government? We have some of the lowest numbers in the world when it comes to those who actually cast a ballot and vote for the government we have. They complain about Obama yet he won the election and quite easily. Why is that? Again, no one likes facts. The poor economy? We are a debtor nation and how did we get that way? By buying beyond our means. Cause and effect. No one made us max out the credit card and buy the new house and the car to go with it. We, the citizens did that and now we want to blame someone else. Blame the banks? Sure, but we walked in the door of those banks and were willing customers. It always come back to us. We elected, in a fair manner, all of our government, the Senators, Congresspersons and the President. We deserve them. Just like we deserve the schools that we won't fix by additional taxes. Instead, we want to cut taxes when we all know that education is our only way out of this mess. And how about those roads? Who should pay for them? The government isn't helping enough? We created the financial disaster over the period of at least twenty years but we want the government to fix it overnight. But no one likes facts…


  1. Just as long as the government keeps its hands off my Medicare.

  2. So true...I love my Medicare and don't want no stinking government messing with it. Idiots!

    We've had a socialist government/economy for the past 150 years or more. But no one wants to admit that. Yet they love it. Idiots!

  3. Thanks, Steve. This needs to be said over and over.
    I read a profile today of a Tea Party leader who has never voted. That's right! Now she wants to run for office.
    This country is whatever we make it.