Saturday, September 1, 2012


I just finished another morning of reading about the lies. You know, the Republican convention lies. Apparently, the Republicans have decided to abandon all integrity and take the lowest road in the quest for the White House. The party has already declared that they were not going to be dictated to by 'fact checkers'. If not the 'fact checkers', than who will moderate their speech? You would think that the moderate Republicans would be speaking out on this issue and calling for more honesty from their candidates. You would think that moderate Republicans would be embarrassed. Are there any moderate Republicans left? I don't think so and that's a terrible loss for our country. We no longer have the give and take between the parties that used to be a symbol of our democracy. Now the Republican rhetoric is 'slash, burn and take no prisoners'.

(Check out PolitiFact for the latest count on Pants on Fire's depressing)

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