Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pictures, we got pictures!

I don't remember if I have ever mentioned the HAMB Jalopy Journal before and since I can't remember, I will proceed as if I have not. This image thread was started almost three years ago and members have contributed thousands of photos. The theme was supposed to be 'old' cars and items related to the automobile industry. That changed over the years and there are photos of just about everything...but all are 'old'. So, if you like to browse through an endless supply of photos, this the place (HAMB Jalopy Journal)
You never know what you might see; For instance, I've seen photos of my old hometown, Manhattan Beach. I recently ran across a large photo of Hermosa Beach, taken from uptown and showing the luxurious Hermosa Biltmore. Plus a lot of photos of the drive-ins that we used to cruise on the weekends. Nostalgia? Plenty of it.

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