Monday, September 3, 2012

Where did the time go?

It's a day off! (I'm retired, so every day is a day off...) and what am I doing? I'm scrolling through Tumblr and then 'pinning' interesting Tumblr posts to my Pinterest account. It's a  terrible time waster but I excuse it by saying that I have a painting that is drying, and this scrolling is educational. Both things are true. I do have a painting that is drying and I will be adding to it in just a few more minutes. And Tumblr can be educational if you pick the right people to 'follow'. I have followed artists of all schools and so I'm constantly seeing great works. And I see great work by unknowns as well. Tumblr and Pinterest are definitely habits...the jury is out on whether or not they are bad habits.

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