Monday, October 22, 2012

It drives me crazy!

All of the candidates, from dog catcher to Presidential, refer to the 'politicians' as being the worst thing imaginable...yet that is exactly what they, the candidates, are! If you run for office, you are a politician. Don't you get it, folks? They ARE lying to you!

But there they are, on television, night after night, claiming to rid the city, county, state, and nation of 'politicians' if only we would favor them with a vote.

We have a local pol who claims to be a good old boy and is always seen leaning on the fender of his truck, a barn and tractor in the background, while he promises to get rid of the politicians that are infesting Sacramento. But...he is one! He already holds office. In Sacramento...

Doesn't anyone notice? We deserve the government we get...

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