Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Sun is out

The storm is over, though we will see occasional rain for the next few days. Last night, the rain woke me up around 2 and I walked around the house, looking out the windows to see if I could see anything dangerous happening. Nothing, just lots of heavy rain and fierce wind. I was up again at 4:30 and although my bedside clock was flashing, I found that all the others were doing just fine. And still the rain and wind continued. I had built a barrier at our patio door as the rain had threatened it a few days ago; in the dark it was impossible to see if the water was coming close. The carpet was dry so I figured I shouldn't worry for awhile.Then, about 7, the clouds opened up. What a racket! In five minutes it was over and we were back to a steady drizzle. Now, the sun has made it beautiful again.

Earlier in the morning I read an email from my sister and she included a link to a Photobucket site with old images of life in the South Bay in Southern California. Incredibly, I recognized a lot of the very old photos. They are now downloaded and filed they should be. But , how did I become so old?

With the election over, I can return to writing posts like this one. Ah!

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