Tuesday, June 30, 2015

We're back and it's HOT...

I know I'm odd and always have been, but I don't mind hot weather. It's summertime and hot is what it's supposed to be. Sometimes hotter and sometimes not so much. Why get all hot and bothered over a weather condition you cannot change?

We were on the coast of Oregon for about 12 days and it was a great trip. 3 different houses were rented for us as we made our way down the coast. We read a lot and we walked the beaches, collecting rocks and driftwood. I took about 300 photos and now I must organize them into a final semblance of order. I tried to load the shots into hastily made folders on my PowerMac as we went along and that helped.

I will be exchanging photos with my sister as she was taking quite a few as well. I don't get much of a chance to talk with my sister as she lives in AZ and that's a far distance from Northern California. There are just the two of us left now. Both of our parents are gone and our middle sister died some time go. And it's on trips like this that we drag out all of the old memories and examine them; enjoying them once again. As I am almost 3/4 of a century old, the memories have become quite dear to me.

But, at the end of two weeks, we were almost completely out of things to talk about. We waved goodbye to them this morning and felt the relief that comes with an end to "being on." Quite common among Introverts. Especially as I had been Extraverting for the entire trip, only getting relief when I was asleep.

Also this morning; I weighed myself. I had stopped being sensible about my diet while we were on vacation and I was worried...but, I had only gained 2.4 pounds. We were eating 2 meals a day and that helped. I was also eating salt water taffy and pastries, and that didn't help.

All along the coast of Oregon we drove into and out of Tsunami Danger Zones. The people along the coast take it seriously and Tsunami escape routes are clearly marked. The last place we stayed, in Bandon, was 100 yards from the ocean, and although we loved listening to the surf and the fog horn, I was a little nervous about our proximity to the ocean. Then I noticed a Tsunami escape route sign at the end of the block and it was no more than a few hundred feet away and then a quick walk up the hill to safety. I resumed sleeping.

We are having our back fence replaced and today was the day to start. The crew removed all of the old fence and have set the steel posts for the new fence. The posts looks quite sturdy; we only need them to last about 20 years and after that...who cares? If I'm still around I will be 95 and would care less if the posts had failed.

Our back fence kept us from seeing quite a bit. Now that it is gone we can see the foothills and the 5 acres of brown grass that was directly behind us. We feel kind of naked without that fence...but the new one will be in place tomorrow.

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