Monday, June 27, 2016

Time does go by

It's already June 27th and it's successor is only 6 and half hours away. The past weeks have been terrible for me. My hip pain has taken over everything. It's all I can think of.

I've been to the pain doctor and had the corticosteroid shot at the first of the month and that one failed to stop the pain. Then another, directly into the 'ball and socket' of my hip. (surprisingly painless) That one has failed after I enjoyed 2.5 days without pain. I also had a MRI of the right hip which showed arthritic degeneration of the bone in the joint. I will be seeing the doctor in a week and I'm afraid she will give me a referral to an orthopedic doctor. I'm not afraid of what the doctor will say, as I'm eager to be rid of the pain. It's the other pain I don't like; the pain of adding another doctor to the long list of specialists I'm well acquainted with. The pain of filling out forms that are just like the hundreds of similar forms I've had to fill out over the past 8 years. I want to be 'chipped'. An injection that places a small microchip below my skin. An electronic device can read all the info on it and I can go back to reading the 2 year magazines in the waiting room.  

I have a feeling that a new hip is in my future...

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