Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Life goes on

Yes it does. Day after boring day. Still waiting for my appointment with the ortho surgeon. Some good news; a friend of mine, a retired RN, told me that the surgeon I will be seeing is one of the best. It's nice to hear that from a medical professional. I remember her comments about other doctors and she does not pull any punches.

Okay, I see the surgeon and he orders a few x-rays and an MRI. Then a final consult and a determination is made for the surgery. Then it's a waiting time, usually short, for a surgery date. I might be looking at mid September? Then a lot of PT. Probably 6 months at a minimum.

In the meantime, we have the election to think about. I try not to. The ignorance of the Trump fans is appalling. They are literally brain dead. Do they ever read anything at all? Anything longer than a paragraph? Critical thinking? You know, weighing the evidence?

Best way; assume you know nothing at all. Now search for the truth by looking at the evidence. Not hearsay; real evidence. Benghazi? A heavily partisan congressional committee searched for months to find evidence that Hillary Clinton was guilty in any way for the deaths of the ambassador and others. They could not, much to their chagrin and after spending millions of dollars. That's a fact and is recorded in the Congressional Budget Office. Another  truth is that congress was asked by the State Dept. for an increase in their budget so they might pay for an increase in security for the embassies. It was denied. This was before the attack in Benghazi. Now, who is more to blame? Clinton or Congress? Facts are in the Congressional Record. That's critical thinking.

I read an article in the New Yorker the other day, Trump's Boswell Tells All... you should read it. If you're a Trump fan, go ahead and challenge yourself; read it. I know it's more than a paragraph but you can do it! Then weigh the evidence...

Hillary is not my first choice nor was Bernie. My candidate hasn't shown up yet. And, unless the Democratic Party has a brain transplant, I doubt that candidate will come from there. The party of Roosevelt faded away a long time ago.; a shame. And Bill Clinton was right there, pushing the party away from the Left and over to the center. I expect his wife would continue that family tradition.

Bernie never had a solid plan as to how he was going to govern. If he did, it was never heard. I would have followed Bernie if I were 25 again. But I'm almost 76 and I've seen some things in the past 50 years that makes me wonder if Bernie isn't, somehow, stuck in the 70's, 80's or 90's? He doesn't relate to my view of the 21st century.

I've said too much...I need to retreat to my lair to await the results of all this noise from the arena.

Art is where I need to keep my head. I have been enjoying the pen and pad; digital, that is. I am trying to put together a show that I can submit to the local coffee shop. The wall space between the windows is small; less than 2'. I need to come up pictures that are close to 16" wide and I need about 24 of them. This coffee shop is located in an old Great Northern (Northern Pacific) railroad car. Most of the seats were taken out and some were relocated to provide for table space between them. It's a great venue and pulls in customers from the University, about 3 blocks away.    

I am being optimistic. I need to be selected for a show. And there is a waiting list.  Oh, well. I am enjoying the creative process as they say...

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