Monday, April 8, 2019

Very Colorful

My photos are being printed at Costco, even as I type. The 5x7 photos are the end product of my integrating Sketchbook and Rebelle software with my imagination. I have published a dozen or more of the 26 prints on my Instagram page, where I hope to get some favorable comments on them. Even unfavorable comments will be accepted gratefully; as long as they are not from any of the "Haters" that seem to infest the 'net these days.

I'm hoping to see what kind of a market there might be for some of these 5x7's to be printed on a 16x20 sheet of aluminum. The process of printing on aluminum seems to give the image a glow, not seen when processing on photographic paper.

Printing on aluminum is not cheap, so if I sell some of them that cost has to be covered as well as for my talent!

On another subject; my youngest granddaughter. She is confined to a wheelchair and has been for close to 2 1/2 years. She started her high school freshman year in that chair and she will graduate in it. She will have her drivers license this week or maybe it was last week? She does have an older Explorer with hand controls, so she will be just as mobile as her twin brother. About two weeks ago we were able to see her when the high school track team made the long journey down out of the mountains to compete in a local high school invitational meet. Yes, she is on the track team, a  junior varsity discus and shotput member of the team. At the end of the day she had her personal best discus throw but she was unhappy with her shotput attempts. A few days later we got the news that she had just received a grant for a racing wheelchair and had been measured for it. It will be built for her and she will be on the track team next year, as well as the field sports. She is one happy young woman. And she has plenty of reason for that; last summer, at the camp for challenged youth, she received a scholarship for a custom chair, built for sports such as basketball and indoor rugby. That's now her daily wheelchair. It's a good thing that her Explorer has enough room in it for her two chairs and all of her sports gear. 

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