Saturday, May 11, 2019

Now, where am I?

I was engaged in one of my favorite things to do this morning, looking for memories by searching through old photos on the many webpages for the Owens Valley. I came across this link for historical maps put out by the USGS. On that website they have an amazing number of old topo maps, all in a PDF format, or in XML for Excel spreadsheets. I picked one at random, a map of the Doyle, CA area, one of three. That's a portion of it on the right. It looks just like one of the paper maps of that area that I bought about 40 years ago. I guess that makes it historical, now I have to wonder, am I historical as well?
Probably not. I do remember having a large roll of these maps stashed behind the seat of my pickup truck and I would use one or another of them on most weekends, when I would be out exploring in Lassen County. If I were going to be in an area that I had no map for, I would buy it at one of the big sporting goods stores in Reno. If I couldn't find it that way, I would send away for it at the USGS headquarters in Washington, D.C. I would usually buy two or three maps of the adjoining areas, just in case! My collection of maps grew steadily, and more and more fragile as the years went by. I used a lot of cellophane tape on those maps, just to keep them useable.
The downloads are  very fast and are free. I have not tried pried printing them, in any case, I don't have a large format printer, so the best I could do would produce legal sized map. Still, that's all I need for my travels while sitting on this couch.  Here is the link again...

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