Sunday, November 3, 2019

Time really goes a hurry!

It's hard to believe that 4 months have gone by since my last post here. In that time I did post some things to my Working blog, though I seem to have completed a written history of my working life there. I should say that I really enjoyed working. I suppose that's easy to say from the refuge of the retired life. I suppose there is some truth to that...
I started working early, as my parents were not giving me any additional funds beyond my .25 cents a week allowance. And I did not get the allowance unless I helped with the dishes; that's washing or drying. I had to take the trash out and clean my room, at least once a week. And...I had to mow the lawns. Of course I felt put upon, and I was certain that no other child was so mistreated as I was. But, my parents didn't budge. Instead they suggested ways for me to make money by working for others. I began by mowing lawns for neighbors. And it was at that point that I began my working life. rounds
My wife and I had similar working backgrounds, though she is 3 years younger. I like to think that created a culture within our small family where working was expected of our children. They are now middle aged and my oldest daughter has a grandchild. And all 3 of them have been and continue to be successful. My daughters have always held 2 jobs, raising children while running a household, and they worked outside the house as well. My oldest was a Single mother while earning her degree from the University here. My son didn't follow me into construction, which was a good thing. He has been an amazing single-dad, working full time while raising his twins from infancy; they are now starting their Junior year in high school.
I don't think all of this was good luck, I really believe it's genetic in origin. And when I read the stories of my grandparents, great grandparents and beyond, I am certain of it. So I have to thank some nameless ancestor for all that has come to us. He, more likely she, gave us the gene to pass along and we have.

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