Wednesday, June 16, 2021

 It has been a long long time since I came to post. I should tell you that starting in December, I began losing my mind. I was in the hospital twice with pneumonia and it was during those times that my memory of all events failed me. At one point I was unable to walk and it must have been suggested that I would need a wheelchair. I now have 2 of them; one is for being pushed  and the other is self propelled. They have never been used. The last thing I remember is getting in an ambulance for a short ride across town to a 'Rehab' hospital where I was checked in to the quarantine area. It was then that we found out my wife and I would be separated by glass. We could use telephones to talk to one another. She would be standing or sitting on a chair in the bright sunlight while I would be sitting in the cool comfort of an air conditioned room. I have a lot of stories regarding the 'best rehab hospital' in Chico, but those are all for a different time. 

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  1. Glad you are posting again. I know the last year has been bad for you. I missed your writing and good to read it again