Saturday, July 14, 2007


I suppose it’s time for a rant about the internet. I was reading the latest from Boing Boing and was disappointed to see so many typo’s in the text. I know it’s simply my problem and I should get a life… whatever that is, but every time I see typo’s I presume that the writer just didn’t care enough about the words to do a spell check. It makes the words less valuable.

It’s the typo’s that have figured into my decision to not subscribe to the local newspapers. Surprisingly, the alternative press does a better job of editing.

And I am going to comment on the ‘comments’ that are found on most web sites. Who are these people? Most won’t use their real names and I suppose that’s because they are, or should be, ashamed of the garbage they write. Yes; ‘Anonymous’ bothers me. Most newspapers won’t allow anonymous letters and for good reason. Of course the local rag, the ER, allows it. Another reason not to subscribe.

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