Monday, February 1, 2010

Liar, Liar…pants on fire

Last week's Economist had a great article on Big Government and why we should not hate it. Sure, it's fashionable to ridicule the government, any government, yet we cannot do without them. Government is the glue for our society and without it, chaos would ensue. Duh! In our society, we are aided by the many actions of government from the moment we take our first breath till the moment of the last one. And, except for a few of the uneducated crazies, we love it that way. So government isn't the problem at all, it's whoever is running the darn thing. The leader and his crew are the ones we need to hold accountable. Then the article goes on to point out that Republicans have been responsible for the largest government growth since Ronald Reagan started it with an almost 190% increase in the size of government! Incredible! And this was from the man who constantly ridiculed 'government' while building his own empire of deceit. George the First, his predecessor, continued this pattern until Clinton took it down into the range of less than 40% growth. Dubya, of course, turned it around and ran the increase numbers into the stratosphere while using the Reagan model of deceit. The numbers are there, there is no way for the Republican lawmakers to deny them…but they do. Every day, they turn to the memory of Ronny and pray before heading off to do 'His' work. I guess I am just tired of the lies and deceit…I should get used to it.

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