Monday, February 1, 2010

One more rant

As long as I'm in a ranting mood, I should continue and I found one little article in the Economist all about cuts to education budgets everywhere…and I mean everywhere and not just in Glenn County, California and the US of A. Every government is looking at making cuts to their education budgets. Once again, governments, both good and bad are in the hands of incompetents. If you were a surgeon, would you cut off one hand when times were tough and you needed to save money? If you were a carpenter, would you sell your hammer to make it through the hard times? Of course you wouldn't. In every case, education is already seriously underfunded and how can anyone, in our case, Schwarzenegger, sell the hammer and cut off the hand? Education is the fuel for our economic engine. Without it we retreat to darker times and that's where we will stay unless we change that decision. Facts are facts and the US of A is nowhere near the top in the list of tax rates for countries. We are quite comfortably somewhere near the middle. We are not over taxed at all. But we are in the hands of incompetents and fools. Fools who hide their idiocy by declaiming that we are, instead, over taxed because that's something that the public loves to hear! Ear candy! But it is another lie. And sadly, education is the current victim of the liars.

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