Saturday, July 10, 2010

Another from the Chico News & Review

From This Corner -

I know that not everyone cares about the California Governor's race but the editor of the CN&R has written a good piece on the early tactics of Meg Whitman, who is well on her way to buying a governorship. Hey! It could happen in any state...probably has.

Yes, I support Jerry Brown. I really enjoyed his first run as Governor and would love to see his encore. And, as it has been pointed out by his campaign, at his age (70) he has no future aspirations. What you see is what you get. 4 years and he's through.

A short story...when we moved to Janesville Ca in the 70's, we were pretty sure that only a handful of people outside of Lassen County even knew where Janesville was located. Then, one summer, when the Mountain Maidu Indians were celebrating the Bear Dance up on the Janesville Grade, who shows up, (via helicopter) but Governor Brown. He didn't come for the votes; he came because he cared. Young voters in California need to know more about his first role as Governor...he was pretty darned good.

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