Friday, June 3, 2016

I voted

Yes, I voted without anyone seeing my face or examining my birth certificate, passport or drivers license. I did have to put a stamp on the envelope so my DNA could be recovered from the stamp...if anyone was so inclined to pursue any case of voter fraud. There has never been any cases of voter fraud here, even though we have immigrants and Mexican nationals living right here among us...

I have to stop. This whole voter registration blockade just makes me furious! How dare they stop people from voting?

Well, we have made the news around here. Bernie Sanders was in town to speak at a rally. This was a real surprise as this is a deep red county. The city is probably purple. But where Bernie spoke, the university, the crowd was mostly blue. Thank goodness for the students. The combined rural and city population is close to 100,000 and they had to move the rally from the auditorium to an outside venue because of the size of the crowd.

You might think that I'm a Bernie supporter from my comments so far. But I am so divided on this election. I admire and dislike Hillary. The same for Bernie. But who can make their presidency a slam dunk? Who will be guaranteed a win over Trump? At this moment in time it looks like Trump is beating himself. He is his own worst enemy and he doesn't know it. And if any of his staff knows it , I'm certain they are afraid to tell him.  I keep looking for him to be caught in something that is unforgivable. I'm sure it's there to be found.

I was looking for someone with the class and intellect of Obama. Michelle would be my choice but she is wise enough to know not to go down that road. Oh well, it was a dream.

On another note; I had an injection of a corticosteroid into my left hip. It seems to have calmed things down. The pain is not completely gone and now that it is close to dinner time, the pain has increased. It has nothing to do with dinner, it's just the time of day I'm concerned with. I had the same injection last August and it only lasted a few months. Then, in October, the recurring pain was diagnosed as something different and I had more injections in different places and they didn't do anything for me. In the meantime, I was taking opiates on a regular basis. Not too many, but more than none is a cause for me to worry. And of course, over a period of time, the Norco became unable to block the pain. Now, I haven't had enough pain to warrant taking anything during the past 32 hours. Before this last injection the pain was nonstop and I was becoming more and more depressed. I haven't painted in a month or more. Perhaps this time the injection will work and work for more than a few months.

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