Thursday, June 9, 2016


As noted in my last post I had voted before election day. The results are pretty much as I had predicted (to myself). After the election here in California the Republicans are in wore shape than ever before. They took a beating because of the Hispanic voting bloc. The state is now 40% Hispanic and the Republican Party here hasn't figured that out yet. In the Red county that I live in the majority of voters are still Republican. But it is slipping and I can see this county becoming Purple in the next decade. The Central Valley of California has always been reliably Republican because it's economic base is agriculture. Some of the wealthiest people in California live in this hot and dusty valley. The hired help they all use is 99% Hispanic but they can be depended upon to not vote or not vote against the wishes of their employer. They want those jobs. The Democratic Party has mostly abandoned their efforts in the valley; they can use the money more profitably in the Democratic  coastline.

This city never saw Hillary. Bill Clinton came to Redding; an hour away. But Bernie came to Chico and held a rally at Chico State University. The Universities have been good to Bernie but that is not where the reliable voters are. And now it's over for him. I thing we can expect a concession in the day after the D.C. vote is counted. But Hillary would be foolish if she doesn't offer him an important position. If she doesn't, the students won't even bother to vote. They will have been convinced that all mainstream politicians are crooks and liars. She should think about the fact that Bernie has the power to hold on to a large segment of voters. Without him they will just go home and sit this one out.

On a different note; It looks as if the recent corticosteroid injection has failed to do the job. Two days after the injection and I had some fearsome pain and had to rely on my cane. It was the level of pain I used to have seven years ago and just before the second surgery that relieved me of the pain. I was hoping I would never experience that again. That kind of pain has come and gone during the past five days but it has never gone away. As usual, it is worse during the afternoon and evening hours.

It 's time to go play some Rummy and stop thinking for awhile...


  1. Sorry to hear about your pain. That kind of pain is draining.

    I think your analysis of the election was spot on. I want to not watch any news until sometime next year about this time ;). I know I won't be able to resist but this is going to be a very negative season. Good time to do other things like write or paint.

  2. I've been trying to paint. The pain just takes away any creativity I had. That's the maddening thing about it...all this free time and I play mah jong, game after game. Well, there is always tomorrow!