Saturday, February 2, 2019

A new month

A few good things to report; I have been going to Pulmonary Rehab and I have just one week left. I am stronger and I have lost about 6 pounds. I have also started going back to the gym on the days when I am not going to Rehab. All good. Some negatives; it's very difficult to finish the tax preparations as we are missing some vital statements. They will show up eventually and the reason they are late mailing them is the complex Tax bill that benefitted only a few. No Congressman looked at this bill, investigated it to see what was in it. They were all Republican loyalists, representing only themselves. This will go on for years unless we can elect Representatives & Senators with ethics.

I was looking through Flickr this morning; looking for photos of the local area. I found a local professional photographers (Anthony Dunn) Flickr page and saw some great photos that I can use. It wasn't until I was near the end, that I saw a photo of his address. It was in Paradise. He had photos of his house and it was located deep in the forest. He had a lot of equipment, including a drone for his aerial shots. There were no current photos, so I don't know if he and his house survived. I will post some of the photos here. 

This is Bidwell Park in the Fall. I used to train in the park back in those days when I did marathons for a hobby. It's a huge park and it would take me an hour or more to go around the park at a 13 minute mile pace. And that was just Lower Park. Upper Park is much larger.

This is a bridge over Big Chico Creek in Bidwell Park. The bridge is made with Cor-Ten steel and is naturally a rust brown color. It won't rust and will remain this color without the need for paint. There are 3 of these bridges in the park that I know of.       

This is a great shot of the Big Chico Creek in the Fall. All of these photos were taken and posted on Flickr by Anthony Dunn. I can only hope that he he survived; as well as his house and property. 

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