Thursday, December 19, 2019

Ah! Coffee...

What an amazing morning! I had an 8:00 appointment at the DMV and I was home and pouring a coffee by 8:30. Earlier in the year, I had applied for a renewal of my license and I had planned on getting the Federal RealID stamp on it. But, unknown to myself, my birth certificate, the one I had used for years, was no good…it was a copy. It did not have purple ink on the signature of a long dead bureaucrat. But, the exceptional DMV clerk told us how to get the real one and she even gave us an early appointment for today. We filled out all the paperwork needed right then and kept it with us until today. I think it cost us close to $60 to get a new and real, purple ink, birth certificate from Los Angeles County. With that in hand, plus the other completed paperwork, we sailed through the dreaded process. Plus, the earlier clerk gave us a tip and said I should ask for a Senior ID instead of having my drivers license re-issued. The Senior ID will come with the Federal stamp on it, plus it’s free and lasts for 10 years. So, if I give up driving I still have the ID necessary to fly. I can’t imagine wanting to fly again; I did it for too many years and for too many miles, in my previous life. The ‘flying’ was one of the reasons for my taking an early retirement. The ‘Golden Age’ of flying is long gone and only people my age or older can remember it.

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