Friday, December 6, 2019

Leaves, leaves, leaves and more leaves

The city of Chico is in the leaf removal business. All the homeowner has to do is rake the leaves up and put them in a pile next to the curb. The city comes along with dump truck and a tractor equipped to scoop up the leaves and put them in the truck. Once filled, the truck then goes to the site where they make compost of it all. This year it seems as if the leaves are overpowering the collectors. They even have a 2 block long space on a nearby road, dedicated to the dumping of leaves. This space is used by the commercial 'mow and blow' people and they fill it up every 2 days. Everywhere I go in the city, the leaves are piled high. We have a landscaper that comes by twice a year; fall & winter, to collect leaves and cleanup, then in February he will prune all the trees and shrubs. He left us yesterday with his trailer piled high with our leaves. And our trees, the neighbors trees and ? any other trees are still dropping leaves. It never ends...

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