Thursday, June 4, 2020

Life is hard

Yes, life is hard, and then we have Trump. His latest defiance of of the Constitution is hard to believe, yet, there are a few more hours in the day. On Trump's orders, the Secret Service has blocked the pastor and her congregation from using their church...that church being St John's in Washington D.C. and across the street from the White House. There is no precedent for this action, and it violates the words of the 1st Amendment. This President has violated almost all the Amendments in just 31/2 short years. How can we afford another 4 years of this treasonous lack of leadership? 

They had to close down my Pulmonary Rehab classes for the virus, so I substituted reading for the physical activity. It doesn't make sense, I know that, and I did continue the exercise at home for about two weeks, and then my spine betrayed me once again. There is little to be done about it, as I am through with surgeries, and through with injection. I have spent the last 12 years with all of the above, so I know whereof I speak.

I've heard about the X, Y and Z generations. The Millennials. But I haven't heard much about the Me generation. It seems to span almost all age groups. They can be identified by their constant use of the words ''I" and "Me". And they rarely smile. My oldest daughter, owns a nursery and gift shop. She has required her employees to wear face masks and they face a daily barrage of questions and arguments about their use. They encourage the customers to keep a social distance, and wearing a face mask would be appreciated. She had an employee quit the job because of her mandatory rule. A rule meant to safeguard them. Elders almost almost always wear a mask when they enter, I guess we can rule them out as members of I and Me generation.  

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